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Books for sale:

Books for sale:

The Mute Eunuch and Other Tales From Mars from or signed by the author

A collection of poetry, essays, and short fiction, including the novella The Memoirs of Dr. K.

Can Madness Be Far Behind? from

Novel about a woman who returns to her small home town in Saskatchewan after running away to Calgary as an immature, pregnant teenager. Now mature, educated but depressed after being abandoned by her husband and in need of shelter for herself and her teenage son she gets home only to have her mother collapse with a stroke soon after her arrival. Mayhem continues.

About kelticking

Theatre Artist, writer and teacher. Spent most of my life defending my sanity to a world that finds me strange. My imaginary friends are more empathetic and caring than any real friends have proven to be. Even family exist in a different dimension. Someone,however,loved me long enough to share three children who now are messing up their children in the same or different way than I did. And as sputnik and race horses travel so do we my fellow earth travellers.

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