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Two days after my birthday. Feeling no older. I am getting tired of listening to somebody whine that he won an election that he obviously lost. I empathize with him. I too lost an election that I wanted to win. It hurts. You go from being somebody important, at least to some people, to being totally ignored. The press no longer call you and ask for your opinion. People pass you in the street with little acknowledgment. Dogs piss on your leg if you stop walking. It is not pleasant, but the world returns to normal and you get on with things. Important things, you spend more time with your SO, and if you try hard it can become quality time. Then, you wonder why you didn’t work harder at keeping that relationship primary in your life. In my case my wife , the mother of my children, and my support system.

To Donna, Thanks kid.

About kelticking

Theatre Artist, writer and teacher. Spent most of my life defending my sanity to a world that finds me strange. My imaginary friends are more empathetic and caring than any real friends have proven to be. Even family exist in a different dimension. Someone,however,loved me long enough to share three children who now are messing up their children in the same or different way than I did. And as sputnik and race horses travel so do we my fellow earth travellers.

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