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Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while. I have been busy trying not to die too soon. Then having recovered finally, ready to start partying, and Covid19 lurks around very corner.

Fine I say, as I swallow an immune suppression pill that has been subscribed because I have an immune system which has decided to operate at ultrafull strength. Bad enough that I have had to deal with diabetes since 1980 something but since about 2015 a couple of autoimmune skin conditions have made their appearance. The one succumbs easily to high doses of prednisone but so does my body.

About kelticking

Theatre Artist, writer and teacher. Spent most of my life defending my sanity to a world that finds me strange. My imaginary friends are more empathetic and caring than any real friends have proven to be. Even family exist in a different dimension. Someone,however,loved me long enough to share three children who now are messing up their children in the same or different way than I did. And as sputnik and race horses travel so do we my fellow earth travellers.

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