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November 18

Nice day. The blizzard is slowly slipping away to ancient memory territory. The snow is still here but the graders have removed much from the street so the fear of getting stuck as Donna backs out of the driveway has lessened. I don’t go out. Covid just gives this introvert more time to hide in his basement. I’m not Joe Biden. And I don’t go to the basement anymore either. Donna has moved my office upstairs. Although I’m walking again, stairs are still extremely difficult. But hiding in my basement becomes a metaphor for shutting myself in the office where I am writing my second book. After I do my emails and check Twitter, and look for pictures of sexy looking twenty-somethings. Although I have to admit 40-somethings are looking sexier. Enough of that talk. I have to admit I was always more impressed with a woman’s brain than I was with breast size or ass-shape but first impressions do have an impact and intelligence is not noticeable at first.

About kelticking

Theatre Artist, writer and teacher. Spent most of my life defending my sanity to a world that finds me strange. My imaginary friends are more empathetic and caring than any real friends have proven to be. Even family exist in a different dimension. Someone,however,loved me long enough to share three children who now are messing up their children in the same or different way than I did. And as sputnik and race horses travel so do we my fellow earth travellers.

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